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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who Will Be The Next Doctor?, Part 2

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In a few minutes, the BBC Doctor Who Live Special will reveal who will take on the role of the 12th Doctor. My excitement is pulling Zero-G maneuvers in my stomach, occasionally sending tingles to my taint. (Too much information, I know, but find me a Whovian who doesn't feel the same way right now.) Soon all the speculations and betting and theories will end. Some will be disappointed (and possibly destitute) but most, regardless of who might will play the Doctor, will be have their excitement amplified and redirected towards the #awesomeness that will be Doctor Who Series 8!

But, until the reveal finally ends said speculations and betting and theories, why not contribute to the fun? Back in June, I wrote about which actors I thought would make excellent choices to play our favorite Time Lord. In that post, I tried to present fun but unfounded theories and I still stand by my views when I wrote:
Honestly, looking back to when Matt Smith was announced as the next Doctor, everyone wondered who he was. He came almost out of nowhere as the youngest Doctor yet and with a relatively short résumé. The same could be said of David Tennant to a certain degree. I would not be surprised if, just like last time, the speculations run rampant and then we are blindside by the selection of a relative nobody.
But as promised, I want to take this time to challenge some of the fan favorites currently in the running.

Peter Capaldi

The first thing that must be pointed out is that showrunner Stephen Moffat is an evil genius at leaking false clues and misinformation. So when he says that he's lied about something so could pretty much bet that one of those lies is that very statement. So, if there is a sudden surge in betting for Peter Capaldi or if the BBC lists him as top favorite, I have no doubts that Capaldi is a red herring. I could be wrong.

Secondly, although it is not uncommon for actors who've played bit parts in previous Doctor Who adventures, Capaldi has played significant enough roles in both Doctor Who and Torchwood. Though this fact does not preclude him from the role, it may be too big of a shark for the the audience to jump. Granted, fan excitement might indicate otherwise. There is even threat of boycott from a zealous few should Capaldi not land the role. Then again this could just be more well planned misdirection from the BBC. On  a side note, Sixth Doctor Colin Baker's planned appearence for the special might touch upon the fact that he too played a significant enough bit part in the Fifth Doctor adventure "Arc In Space" before landing the coveted role in 1984. Or it could just be coincidence.

Billie Piper, Catherine Tate, John Barrowman

Every time there's speculations about who will be the next Doctor, the names of former companions are thrown up on the interweb. For the very reasons stated above, I view this as unrealistic and easily relegated to fan wish-making. These choice go beyond suspension of disbelief. Show writers will need to come up with a reason why the Doctor would regenerate into the appearance of companion that will not insult the intelligence of the viewers. I think casting a former companion would actually hurt the show more.

It's also important to mention that Barrowman currently has a recurring role in CW's Arrow that might interfere with filming. Also playing the Doctor would hurt the possible return to the role of Captain Jack Harkness either in Torchwood or as a companion in the series. I personally would prefer a return of Barrowman as Jack Harkness.

Interestingly enough a tweet from RadioTimes photographer Rankin seem to indicate that the Doctor might indeed remain a male, removing Piper and Tate from contention if the tweet proves reliable.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman 

Speaking of fantasy castings, many fans have thrown in their lots with one or more Sherlock alum to play the Doctor. As much as I'd enjoy watching Cumberbatch travel time and space, I think these fans really just want to see the Doctor portrayed in the same manner as Sherlock Holmes. We must also keep in mind that both Cumberbatch and Freeman have made it big in Hollywood. Their schedules might make the waiting for the next season of Doctor Who even more excruciatingly long.

Harry Potter Alums

Doctor Who and the Harry Potter franchise have shared many actors over the years,  most prominent of which was Tenth Doctor David Tennant who played Barty Crouch, Jr. in Prisoner of Azkaban.

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Yet, Potter fans fantasize about the day when one of the lead actors would one day take over the role of the Doctor. In fact, both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have 100/1 odds at one point or another at SkyBet. While Rupert Grint came in at 25/1. Grint is my favorite of the three and his selection would kill two birds with one stone: the Doctor will finally be ginger and maybe the Harry Potter fans will finally shut the fuck up and take what they can get! However, I personally feel that, like Radcliffe, Grint is too famous now for the role. That's not to say that the trio have no chance of ever being on the show. Just check out some of the other Harry Potter actors who have played one-off role in Doctor Who. 

But just like Cumberbatch and Martin, the Potter kids now have big careers that might conflict with a well made Doctor Who season. I also worry that picking any of these actors might give the show the appearance that it is catering to a certain money-generating demographic.


Well the live show is about to start. I know you and I both would rather watch and see first hand who will be our next Doctor. So I hope you enjoy and I wish you all a good luck on your picks. See you in a few.

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