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Monday, May 21, 2012

30 Going On Four

In a few short hours, I will be 31.

With that said, I've been doing some looking back on my life. Boy! Has my life been boring!

Well!—that's somewhat of a lie. It's been MOSTLY boring. Monotonous, to say the least, and for only the past year or so. I'm not complaining. Sometimes, an uneventful life is good in case I ever get background-checked. But I must admit, I am sometimes envious of my little sister and her husband who seem to have time for adventure. I have to remind myself that, although life these past 18 months has been uneventful, years one thru 29 were pretty adventurous.

I've traveled (some). I've experienced some life changing events. Made lots of bad decisions; made a few good ones, too.

I met my wonderful wife-to-be, who has been my constant companion and guiding light these past eight years. We've driven headlong into planning our wedding, which is quickly approaching. I look forward to that leg of our never ending journey.

I've even survived a deer jumping through my driver-side window and head-butting me as I drove 55-mph through a main thoroughfare.

But, like I said, these past 18 months were pretty uneventful and since I feel like I wasted year 30, I am determined to have a better 365 days this time around.

So here's the plan:

To help me on the way, I am taking a page from Jonathan Harris. When Harris turned 30 he took a photograph every day for over a year and posted a story to go with it. So, I will do the same: One photo a day. I will start with one week and as the habit forms and days add up to months, we will see my progress as I try to liven up a year in my life. I really think this will force me to find some adventure since I am certain I live a boring life.

I will post photos with short blurbs at Cowbird (another Jonathan Harris project, coincidentally) for now, since I feel like they are the best place for this project. I will continue to post my usual stuff here at Wibbly-wobbly and I will occasionally syndicate significant events from this project here as well. I hope you all follow me on this little experiment—well! actually—us, since I plan to bring Brooke along for some of it.

I am now accepting recommendations, by the way. Post in the comments field below or on my Facebook page or on Twitter. I need ideas.

So, please, join me. Who knows maybe we'll even bump into each other.