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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Little Cowbird Told Me

Happy New Years, Friends and Followers and welcome back! 2011 proved to be an exciting year full of challenges and accomplishments; of possibilities and self-discovery; but most importantly 2011 was a year of growth. My sister married her best friend, a young man I am honored to now call my brother. I published movements and measure, a decision that helped me silence the ghosts of past writings and opened the creative flood gates for new works. I am back in school after years of excuses.

2012 promises not to disappoint.

This week, I celebrate the completion of my first year back in school and the start of a new year chock-full of exciting classes like Basic News Writing and World Religion.

This is the year that I will marry my best friend and companion of 8 years. After years of planning and saving and dreaming, Brooke and I will make our family official in the eyes of the state of Georgia. Brooke plans to have lots of photos taken. I plan to eat lots of cake...and maybe dance like the love-drunk dork that I really am.

There will also be a lot of writing this year. I am working on my next eBook for Zero Edition Press and I have challenged myself to write something for submission to a magazine or literary journal.  I continue to work on the next chapters of Siege of the Dead and I hope to have the next installment up soon.

Speak of writing, I’ve come upon a new website called Cowbird. Its creator, Jonathan Harris, bills the site as an experiment in participatory journalism and a place for storytellers. I want to start posting at Cowbird but I am unsure as to the content I’d like to produce or how doing so would affect Wibbly-wobbly. There are two things I know for sure. First, for now, what I publish at will also appear here (although not everything here will appear on Cowbird). Secondly, expect Wibbly-wobbly to have a reformatting in 2012, both in content and in design. Whether or not I continue to write in two separate places or whether this blog bows out and moves to Cowbird will just have to be something we discover together in the coming months.

Thank you for your loyalty and your friendship. See you all soon.